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10,000 New FB Like Guaranteed!!

Our newest offer and limited time special is. We guarantee to get you 10,000 New Facebook Likes.. Real People, not "bots".  With the newest changes to Facebook you will need thousands of likes.  Facebook is going to show posts from businesses less.  To counter that, you will need thousands of likes.  By getting thousands of likes, you have a better chance of people seeing your posts and as more people see your posts and interact with them, Facebook will favor those posts and show them to more people.  It's sort of the "Rich get Richer". If you don't have likes, your audience is smaller and you are less likely to have any of your posts set as "Top Stores".  We will get you 10,000 likes within 90 days or your money back*.  


*to get 10,000 likes you will have to give us Admin rights to your FB page for 90 days.  We will create an ad campaign (which we pay for) to boost your page. During the time we are running the ads, we will ask you not to run any other ads so that you do not dilute the campaign.