Best Marketing Tools

Try These For Free. Only pay if they work for you. 

Three Tools That Will Allow You to Grow Your Business for $195 Per Month

Marketing is changing at lightning speeds. With more people working from home, you have more people online. I am about to introduce you to three MUST HAVE tools that you can try for free. I'm also going to tell you WHY you need them and the best way to use them.

First. Vidnami. https://bit.ly/vidnami79

Vidnami allows you to quickly create videos of any length even if you have little or no experience. Facebook is showing that video ads are the most effective ads on their platform and 15 second videos are the absolute BEST way to introduce your business to new prospects. Vidnami makes it easy to create and edit high quality videos. Use the custom link provided and get 14 days free. Then pay only $47 per month

Second is GetEmails. https://bit.ly/Getmoreemails

GetEmails is an amazing technology that uses cookies to capture the name and email address of up to 35% of your anonymous website visitors. Yes it's legal and yes it's amazing. My clients are experiencing 22-34% open rates with zero complaints. You can capture up to 25 email addresses per month for free. Pricing in based on how many leads you want to capture per month and can be capped so that you never pay any overages. 200 leads would cost you $49 per month. Use my link to get 25 free leads per month. (Currently the 25 free per month never expires but this is a limited time offer from GetEmails).

Third is GetResponse. https://bit.ly/GetResponse79

GetResponse started as a simple email tool but has evolved into so much more. GetResponse now allows you to build automation, funnels, landing pages, host webinars and more. Use the link above to get 30 days free and then sign up for the Pro account for only $49 per month.

The plan is simple.
Step 1. Create cool videos with Vidnami.
Step 2. Post the videos on Facebook and other social media with a link back to your website or sales page.
Step 3. When they visit your site, Get Emails automatically captures the email address of up to 35% of that traffic.
Step 4. Get Response then begins contacting them and guides them through the sales process.

If you notice we said that the plan costs $195 per month but the cost of the three services listed is only $145 per month. We are allowing $50 to boost your videos on Facebook. If you create 15 second videos on Facebook you will get huge engagement at the lowest cost possible for all Facebook advertising.

Every business and every industry is different so your cost per view or cost per unique click may be higher or lower but with our clients we are averaging just under 15¢ per click and capturing 35% of those clicks.. so it costs us roughly 45¢ to get one lead.