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Ultimate Marketing Plan

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

The Ultimate Marketing Plan allows you to use Social Media and text marketing to grow your business.

When you log into your account, you'll see that we find hundreds of the best articles on the internet and put them in your back office. You scan the articles and choose the ones that YOU want to share on social media.

Our software allows you to share your content on all your Facebook business pages, your Linkedin Profile and Twitter pages. Not only do we find you great content but when you post it, the content is branded with your logo, message, email sign up form or even products or menus. YOU decide! Not sure what to promote? No problem, you can have as many branding banners as you need and each one can be used for a different purpose. You can also change an already active banner to upgrade it to match your newest offers.

Posts can be scheduled up to a year in advance AND can be scheduled to repeat for as long and as often as you want them to repeat. After the initial set up of your account (which will take you about 20 minutes) you can begin posting. There is no wait time with Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter as we are already an approved provider.

When one of your followers shares one of the great articles that you've posted, your branding message is included so if a person shares your content and he has 250 followers, when they click to read the shared article, they see your branding message. You have an unlimited audience and unlimited opportunities to post your message and get your business name in front of potentially millions of people.

Also included in your Ultimate Marketing Plan package is an Unlimited Text Plan. You receive one keyword and unlimited texts to your subscribers. Use your social media plan to promote your VIP club and get people to sign up to request your texts. This text plan is opt-in only and messages are limited to 135 characters. You submit your message to us 48 hours in advance and we set it up, confirm that it's compliant and send it out for you, on schedule. There's also a "Rush" option which allows you to pay a small fee to have your message sent out within 2 hours Mon - Friday 8am - 7pm EST.