How can Social Media Help My Business?

Below are a few simple ideas for various businesses explaining ways that your industry can benefit from social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Auto Sales

Now you can turn every Facebook Link, Twitter Tweet and Linkedin Post into an ad promoting some portion of your business.  New Cars, Used Cars, Service, all these opportunities can be promoted using our system.  Imagine your show room on a slow day,  15 sales reps all sitting around, playing on their phones, looking out the window, waiting for someone to come in.  How about if, instead of WAITING for customers, your team was pro-active in ATTRACTING buyers.  Wouldn't that be better for you, and for them?  

Your salesmen can build banners to sell new and used cars, promote service specials and then post them online to reach thousands and thousands of customers.  Call for special multi-license pricing.  Make your staff more productive while increasing your social media influence and cutting your advertising budget.  


Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Realtors need to be recognized.  With so many realtors competing to list and sell the same houses a lot of your success depends on name recognition.  Using our system will allow you to build tremendous name recognition.  Simply post great articles (which we provide) on all of your social media and attach a banner with your name, photo and contact information.  You can also put hundreds of homes from your local MLS onto your social media feeds and when someone clicks to look at those houses, there you are, your name, your photo and your contact information reminding them to call you.  Oh and when they share those links with their friends, your ad is right there ALWAYS reminding people to call YOU, not the listing agent.  You'll sell a lot more houses if your face it attached to hundreds of homes.  Multi-license discounts are available for your entire office.  


Social Media Marketing for Retail Stores

The opportunities for retail stores are endless as well.  You can use the photo feature to promote specific items for sale. You can allow customers to download coupons, promote your hours, new inventory items, special events and anything else that you might pay to advertise, but you can do it for less money than direct mail or traditional advertising.


Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants can use our service to set up Facebook ordering as well as promoting special events, catering, early-bird discounts and new menu items.  Direct people to your website, get them to subscribe to your text marketing service (if you don't have one, ask us) and get subscribers to your email newsletter. 


Social Media Marketing for Service Industries

Service Industries gain the same advantages as other businesses. By creating banners with your name, phone, email, website and services you keep yourself in the front of people's minds.  They may not need your service today, but when they do, they will remember you.